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Godspeak: Lessons from the Universe is a blending of voices from many different religious and spiritual traditions. Encoded into each Godspeak lesson is a message from which anyone at any level of spiritual development can benefit. It is not the words per se, but the energy imparted through the words that realign the reader to the new energy that is sweeping the planet.

As you read, feel the vibration of the words, the cadence of the Speak. You are receiving your own message through the words that are written and the vibration that accompanies them; attuning you, the reader, with God and the information received.

The lessons are short in length, but dense in meaning and subtext. The vibration transcends the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, as we know it, and takes the reader to a place of deep and everlasting attunement with the universal consciousness that we call God. Through this series of lessons the reader comes to realize that we are an integral part of the ongoing process of creation and that in fact, we create the universe and the consciousness in which we live.

The channelings brought forth in Godspeak: Lessons from the Universe are in the nature of teachings. They may be read alone or in a group. The power and the beauty of the lessons brought forth in these teachings is that they may be understood on many levels and will serve to raise individual and group consciousness. As a result, exploring these teachings in a group setting of like-minded individuals will enhance the understanding of the teachings contained within.

Currently, Godspeak channelings have been read or listened to in more than 70 countries.

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